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After you got it, you can try net2o (see below) either by starting net2o with

n2o cmd

and enter net2o command mode, or by running each command with

n2o <command>

in the second case, you'll be asked again and again for your password when needed.

You can execute the following net2o script commands either by entering

keygen <nick>

This will ask for your password and generate a key. Write down the base85 code it gives for revoking that key; this revocation key is not stored anywhere else. For some tests, you want to create a second key (e.g. to test chat). Give it a different pass phrase; you can create as many IDs as you like; if they have different passphrases, only one of them opens at a time.

Check what keys you have already importet:


This should be your key and the net2o-dhtroot key. Import my key

keysearch kQusJ

At the moment, a 32 bit ID should do it... Your own pubkeys have been exported with the keygen command into a .n2o file. You can import that in your other id(s) with

keyin <nick>.n2o

Or you can announce your identity to the DHT with


and then import the key into other accounts by doing a keysearch as above (but with the first 5 characters of the pubkey you created).

Try encrypt and decrypt a test file for yourself:

<create a file>
enc <file>
cat <file>.v2o
dec <file>.v2o

You can also create detached signatures (.s2o):

sign <file>
verify <file>

You can try a group chat with several ids, start the group "test" with

chat test

If you want to talk to someone else, you need to make sure they accept your connection, so you first need to send an invitation

invite @<id1>

And after acceptance of that id connect from the other ids with

chat test@<id1>

Or do a 1:1 chat with

chat @<id2>

from and

chat @<id1>

from on several computers/terminals. The chat mode works a bit like IRC, you can use /help to list the commands, /peers to see the direct neighbors, and /me if you aren't actually talking.

You can copy small or large files, when the corresponding id has the named file permission. Set the permission with

perm @<id2> +n

and start the server


to supply things on , and e.g.

get @<id1> data/2011-05-20_17-01-12.jpg

to copy one of the test images.

Low-level benchmarks

Run some encryption benchmarks from the shell:

gforth-fast net2o/tests/keccak.fs
gforth-fast net2o/tests/threefish.fs
gforth-fast net2o/tests/ed25519.fs